AfricaNLP Workshop

Please join us on the 26th of April via the Official ICLR 2020 Virtual Workshop Portal

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Africa has over 2000 languages and yet is one of the least represented in African research. Andrew Caines, in his article The Geographic Diversity of NLP Conferences highlights the need for NLP work from the continent

Source The Geographic Diversity of NLP Conferences

The rise in ML community efforts on the African continent has led to a growing interest in Natural Language Processing, particularly for African languages which are typically low resource languages. This interest is manifesting in the form of national, regional, continental and even global collaborative efforts to build corpora, as well as the application of the aggregated corpora to various NLP tasks.

This workshop therefore has several aims:


David Adelani
PhD Student, Universität des Saarlandes
Orevaoghene Ahia
Researcher, InstaDeep
Natalie Schluter
Visiting Faculty, Google Brain, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen
Jade Abbott
Masakhane & Retro Rabbit, South Africa
Graham Neubig
Assistant Professor, LTI@CMU, US
Salma El Anigri
PhD Student, Mohammed V University
Sebastian Ruder
Research scientist, DeepMind
Surafel Melaku Lakew
Researcher, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, HLT-MT
Isaac Johnson
Researcher, Wikimedia Foundation


None of this would be possible without the funding and support of the following organisations: